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These anti-slip gel pads are very versatile and can be used to stick a variety of objects, such as phone, IPad/tablet, camera and keys to mirrors, metal surfaces, car dash, kitchen cupboards and many other places.


  1. Peel the protective plastic off your shelley louise Gel Pads and keep the plastic in a safe place for future storage.
  2. Clean surface well before applying gel pad.
  3. Stick your gel pad to the desired surface. Press hard for 5 seconds after sticking. Gel pads work best on non-porous, clean surfaces.
  4. Stick your item/device to the gel pad. We advise testing items in a safe area beforehand.
  5. Twist and pull your item/device gently to remove it from the gel pad.
  6. Gently peel the gel pad off of the surface to remove.Shelley Louise Gel Pads are completely reusable.

To clean and remove dust simply wash the gel pad in water, air dry and place your gel pads back in their protective plastic in between uses.

Safe to use between 0-100 Celsius
Avoid use on paper/wallpaper, lime wall, delicate, rough or granular surfaces.
Avoid prolonged use or using valuable or irreplaceable items.

Various surfaces, materials, and shapes affect the adhesiveness and duration of the gel pad hold. If the object you are trying to fix is heavy or expensive we recommend using more than one shelley louise Gel Pad to securely hold the object. We advise testing the surface and object you are using with the gel pad in a safe environment prior to use.

Shelley Louise Candles & More Ltd are not liable in any way for any damage to your belongings, surfaces or self when using shelley louise Gel Pads.


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