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Eliminate Bad Odours, Freshen Air, Absorb Harmful Substances and Moisture.

For use in the bathroom, car, shoes, wardrobe, gym bag and so much more…


  • Shelley Louise deodorizing and air purifying bags are made from 100% NATURAL BAMBOO CHARCOAL, they are chemical free, eco-friendly and a sustainable product. The activated charcoal bags naturally clean the air by eliminating odours and harmful pollutants from the bathroom, wardrobe, car, shoes, gym bag, pet areas and much more. Prevents mould, mildew and bacteria from forming by absorbing excess moisture. This means less indoor air pollution and a cleaner, safer, healthier home and car for you and your family.



  • To reactivate bags place under direct sunlight for at least one hour every month. Reuse for up to two years. Once they have reached the end of their lifecycle, simply cut open the sachet and sprinkle the contents of the deodoriser bag around your garden to improve soil quality.


Pack Includes 4 X 75g Purifying Bags and 2 x Metal Hooks

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