The simple traditional design of our stainless steel wax warmer/oil burner allows it to blend seamlessly into any interior. It’s simplicity in design enables this burner to perform excellently. The stainless steel dish keeps the wax at a perfect temperature to produce a good vapour and scent throw. Due to this item being made entirely from stainless steel it won’t crack or chip with repeated use. The dish is removable allowing it to be placed in a freezer for easy wax removal without damage. Requires a unscented tea light for heat source.


Please follow the instructions below, to get the most out of the burner and your wax melts.
• Break off a section of your melt and place in the burner tray.
• Never overfill your tray with wax.
• Ensure your burner is on a flat, even surface and away from flammable materials.
• When using wax melts, do not add water to your burner tray.
• Ensure there is ample wax in the burner tray before lighting the tea light candle.
• Do not leave unattended.
• Do not allow to burn dry.
• The oil burner may get very hot during use.
• Ensure your tea light candle is fully extinguished once you have finished with your burner.
• To remove wax place in the freezer for a few minutes, once cool the wax will easily pop out.
• Thoroughly clean your oil burner before reuse.
Before using oil burners and wax melts, please ensure you read the product label.

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