LoofCo Washing Up Pad – 2 Pack


LoofCo Washing-Up Pad – 2 Pack

A set of 2 LoofCo 100% biodegradable washing up pads made of natural loofah plant, plastic-free and vegan.

You’ll never buy a plastic washing-up sponge again once you make the switch to these natural pads made from the loofah plant. They come as a set of two and are plastic-free, vegan and biodegradable. When soaked in water, the loofah expands into a soft, spongy and flexible pad, which is suited for use on everything from non-stick pans to mugs. Like the Loofco Bath Time Loofah [LINK], this pad will last for months and can be composted once it’s worn out.

Directions: Use in warm water with washing up liquid or a washing up soap bar [LINK]. Soak baked-on food before removal. To keep it fresher for longer, shake out any food particles after use and wring out any excess water. It has a handy cotton string so you can hang it up to dry between uses. Machine washable.

Set of two.

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