Eco Floss – Plant Based Vegan Dental Floss


Eco Floss – Plant-Based Vegan Dental Floss

While you might feel saintly confidently answering ‘yes’ when your dentist asks if you floss, your actual floss might be damaging the environment. Regular flosses are usually made from materials derived from crude oil plastics, such as nylon. Nylon is not biodegradable, so it ends up taking up space in landfills. But it often escapes from landfills, being so small. That’s when it ends up in our oceans, harming the sea life.

Make the switch to Eco Floss. Eco Floss is a safe, natural alternative to regular floss, made from 100% renewable sources and using 80% less greenhouse gas. The floss is made using plant-based material, specifically corn from the food industry which was previously wasted by-product.

The Eco Floss contains no GMOs, is 100% vegan, and comes in 50m bobbins. Made in the EU.

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